Music from Jane Austen’s Time

Reservations are required for this program. Please contact Bettye Dew, our Hostess, to reserve.

It’s our annual Summer Luncheon program.

Elaine Pontious will play the harp and accompany, our Regional Coordinator, Rose Nester, on songs from the British Isles and Austen’s own song collection.  Attendees will be invited to sing “Robin Adair”, the only song cited in an Austen novel, at the conclusion of the program.

Elaine Pontious is an accomplished pianist and organist and recently has taken up harp.  She has been involved lately with performing on harp for hospice patients.

Rose Nester is a former elementary vocal teacher and a soloist with her church,
Trinity Lutheran Church in Soulard.  Among her interests is combining storytelling and songs, often accompanying herself on the ukulele.



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