JASNA Regional Events

Here is the link to the JASNA Regional Events Calendar…. Explore Janeite events in your area and beyond! JASNA Regions host creative special events that all members of the Society are invited to attend.  In many cases, non-members who would like to know more about JASNA are also welcome. http://www.jasna.org/conferences-events/event-calendar/

2015, September 26, Jane Austen’s Portsmouth And the Dynamics of the Price Family

At the Saturday, Sept. 26, meeting of the St. Louis Metropolitan Region, Jane Austen Society of North America, members and guests experienced not one but two insightful presentations concerning Austen’s 1814 novel Mansfield Park. The presentations were offered by members Phyllis Thorpe and Toby Benis. Last year, at JASNA’s Montreal … READ ON

Kara Louise: How She Came to Writing and Jane Austen and Where It Led

Kara Louise's novel Darcy's Voyage - program presentation at Jane Austen Society in St. Louis

On June 6, members of the St. Louis Region of JASNA and their guests congregated at the lovely home of member Bettye Dew to enjoy one of her delectable luncheons and then a delightful presentation by author Kara Louise. Ms. Louise (her pen name) recounted the story of her exploration … READ ON

“The Material World of Jane Austen’s Time” Highlights

Highlights from “The Material World of Jane Austen’s Time” Presented by Anne Woodhouse, PhD Curator of Domestic Life at the Missouri History Museum   We have a pretty good idea of Jane Austen’s England during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. But what did things look like here in … READ ON

Did Jane Austen Prefer a Plain Dish to a Ragout?

  Such was the question posed to the audience at the Jane Austen Society of North America, St. Louis, meeting that took place September 27, 2014, at the University City Library. It was posed by Julienne Gehrer, a professed food journalist, who has written two cookbooks:  In Season: Cooking Fresh … READ ON

A Tantalizing Austen Fragment

  From BBC South Today, a recent four-minute report about a fragment of Jane Austen’s handwriting that will go on display in Chawton later this year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uKJCBm_L6I The subject of the fragment is prayers and praying, and perhaps by extension, preaching, a subject Austen approached also in chapter 34 of … READ ON